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  1. Agro-Forestry Project:

Eucalyptus Trees: eucalyptus is globally known as the Gum tree. The tree has a smooth bark and can grow as high as eighty feet with a straight trunk. Its timber is highly sought after all over the world, particularly in Asia and the far east and has been used for centuries as a furniture wood, fuel, medicinal ingredient, pulp for paper and more recently as a source for bio fuel. It is also used for making pallets, household furniture, plywood and manufacturing of paper.

Poplar Trees: Poplar is one of the fastest growing industrial woods which can be grown as a mono crop as well as in association with agricultural crops. Its woods being light, homogenous and odourless is suitable for match splints, plywood, ply board, packing cases, sports goods, artificial limbs, furniture, pulp paper, wood wool, light constructional timber, pencils, furniture etc. Poplar being a deciduous species adds tremendous amount of leaf litter to the soil and is considered to be one of the best species for agro-forestry

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